Hailey Bieber: She’s afraid of having a child

Hailey Bieber: She’s afraid of having a child

Model Hailey Bieber talks about her desire to have children with husband Justin: She “absolutely” wants children, but I’m afraid.

They have been married for almost five years and are considered a young, scandal-free dream couple: singer Justin Bieber (27) and his wife Hailey (26). Now the US model has spoken about his desire to have children.

“I really want children,” said the 26-year-old. “I literally cry about it all the time. But then I get scared.” The reason: “It’s enough that people talk about me and my husband, or about my friends, but I can’t imagine being confronted with people saying things about my child.”

“A good marriage means work”

In an interview last summer, Bieber spoke about the challenges of raising children. She said that a good marriage means work: “And I’m aware that when children come along, that requires a completely different level for it to work.”

Ultimately, according to Bieber, only one thing is really important: “Doing the best you can when raising children and making them feel loved and safe.”

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