Fashion trends 2023: You should not miss these styles

Fashion trends 2023: You should not miss these styles

Cheerful colours, eye-catching details and classics: the fashion trends of 2023 bring a good mood and elegance. We present the trends and have styling tips ready.

In terms of fashion, last year was more about the motto “comfortable and practical”: home wear, lingerie and casual outfits were particularly popular. In 2023 it will be bolder and more willing to experiment again. We reveal what is particularly fashionable and how you can combine the upcoming trends.

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1. Fashion trend: bright colors

If something can radiate a good mood visually, it is certainly bright colors that stand for liveliness. Striking colors should not be missing in the 2023 fashion trends either. Color blocking, i.e. combining different bright colors, is a trend that we will certainly see more and more in the coming year. Also are (especially pink) hip. Fashionable people also dare to wear colored leather or vinyl coats. Other trend colors for 2023 are purple or pink (especially the Pantone color “Viva Magenta”) and shades of red. Men can also grab strong colors and use the whole spectrum: A shirt in strong yellow or red looks great with jeans or black suit trousers and white sneakers, for example.

2. Fashion trend: (Extra long) fringes

Fringes are a trend that has popped up again and again in recent years – only to disappear again. In 2023, the fashion trend will celebrate its comeback, albeit in a new variant: “Car Wash Fringes” is the name of the game, meaning extra long fringes are allowed on , jackets, sweaters or even dresses, optionally knotted. The trend started last year as well.

3. Fashion trend: maxi dresses / extra length

Speaking of dresses: They may come in extra length next year. (Almost) floor-length skirts and are among the fashion trends of 2023. And the (excessive) length is already eye-catching enough, all you need is a clean cut and neutral colors or even a cut-out or subtle draping to be trendy and attract attention pull.

4. Fashion trend: “Hourglass” blazer

Blazers were already on the list of fashion trends last year. We are not removing them from the list in 2023 either, but we are adding the requirements so that the classic remains hip: Instead of the purely oversized version, it can now also come with an hourglass silhouette. That means: The has a fitted cut and strong shoulders. This makes it an absolute eye-catcher in every look and gives it a cool elegance. It can be worn in a long version as a dress or combined with a jeans sneaker look to create excitement. But it also looks good in the combination of trousers, blouse and ankle boots.

5. Fashion trend: Parisian chic

Parisian chic has been on the rise again, and not just since the Netflix series “Emily in Paris”. Instead of super casual, things can be particularly elegant again in 2023 – also in a mix. A chic shirt with stripes or the typical one provide exciting elements in the look.

In addition to the fashion trends mentioned for 2023, there are other it-pieces that will accompany us through the coming year: sequins, floral patterns, transparency, newly discovered classics and black essentials ensure elegance in everyday life. Everything that makes us feel good and puts us in a good mood is welcome this year!

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