The Klangwolke will be an odyssey this year

The Klangwolke will be an odyssey this year
This is what the klangwolke 2023 will look like.

The heroine of the cloud of sound, which takes place this year on September 9th in Linz’s Donaupark, is a girl. “Many epics have a man as a hero, why not even a girl,” asked Francesca Zambello, who staged “Rebecca” at the Bregenz Festival and Vienna’s Raimundtheater in 2004. The girl is the only survivor after the destruction of the world and wanders to the rivers of the world, from which she finally creates a new world. “It’s a story of hope,” says Zambello. As usual, a lot of effort is put into this story: three ships – a music boat, a sailing boat and the main ship with a huge tree as the center – are sent across the Danube, on which people dance, sing and do acrobatics. There are also elaborate light and video installations. The music was written by Laura Karpman, who won five Emmys and wrote the music for Steven Spielberg’s film “Taken”. There will be no spoken words this year. A total of 120 employees and volunteers will be involved in the Klangwolke.

The cloud of sound is unique in Europe, says the artistic director of the Liva: “It is a symbol of the city.” For Mayor Klaus Luger it is important that the Klangwolke is a free cultural event. “Your task is to discuss the issues of the time with the means of art.”

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