Liam Neeson: He’s ‘not a big fan’ of this genre

Liam Neeson: He’s ‘not a big fan’ of this genre

Liam Neeson reveals the genres he doesn’t like – and how he recognizes bad scripts.

At the latest with “Schindler’s List” in 1993, Liam Neeson (70) became a respected mime and leading man. The next change of image came in 2008 with “96 Hours”. At a mature age, the Northern Irishman became an action star. But in one genre, movie fans have never seen Liam Neeson: in a horror film. And it will probably never come to that.

“I’m not a huge horror fan, I have to admit, simply because they scare me!”, .

Superhero movies aren’t his genre either

The actor doesn’t know much about superhero films either. Although he had starred in Batman Begins in 2005. “I know they’re everywhere and I admire them with all their Hollywood frills and stuff, but it’s just not my genre,” Neeson said.

By the way, Liam Neeson doesn’t have a favorite genre. A good book is all that matters to him. “Our art depends on the spoken word. The spoken word depends on the authors,” he said. “So if I feel like the script is very good, then I’m interested in it.”

Liam Neeson uses this trick to spot a bad script

To tell a good script from a bad one, Neeson has a trick. He calls it the “cup-tea test”. If he reads a script and after five pages he feels like making himself some tea, the script is bad.

If he reads the entire script and only then remembers that he wanted to make tea, that usually means a yes to the role.

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