Barack Obama on marital problems: “The situation just wasn’t normal”

Barack Obama on marital problems: “The situation just wasn’t normal”

Apparently, there were also problems in the Obamas’ marriage in the White House. Ex-President Barack Obama has now spoken about what it was.

Barack Obama (61) has spoken about his interim marital problems with wife Michelle (59). The former US President said that “it certainly helps not being in the White House anymore” if you work to strengthen your relationship.

Burleson asked Obama about an interview the former first lady gave last year. On the talk show “Revolt,” Michelle Obama revealed that there were times in her marriage when she “didn’t like her husband.” She explained at the time, “People think I’m being hateful when I say, ‘There were ten years I couldn’t stand my husband. And when was that time? When the kids were little.’ During that time, the couple tried to simultaneously pursue their careers while also taking care of things like school and sharing chores.

The mother of two did not feel equal: “Marriage is not 50/50, never, never. There are times when I’m 70, he’s 30 [Prozent]. There are times when he’s 60, I’m 40. But you know: ten years – we’ve been married for 30. I’ll take 10 bad years for 30 – it just depends on how you look at it.” Instead, many people would give up and after five years think they couldn’t take it anymore.

He wasn’t aware of the extent of the stress

Barack Obama now said on the CBS show about his wife’s comments: “Let me just say this: It definitely helps not being in the White House anymore. And having a little more time with her.” The ex-president went on to say that as the couple’s children grew up, it was an absolute priority. He was not fully aware of the extent of the stress for his wife at the time. Because: Not only were Michelle and he under observation “in this strange environment”, they had raised their daughters “in a situation that just wasn’t normal,” said Obama.

In hindsight, however, Barack Obama seems to have come off quite well in his wife’s eyes: “Now that they’re doing well, she forgives all my mistakes a little more,” said the 61-year-old. “What she said to me is, ‘Looking back, you did well as a father.’ And if I pass this test, she will forgive me for most of my other quirks.”

The Obamas, who have consistently expressed their love for each other through social media posts, met in 1989 and married in 1992. The couple lived in the White House from 2009 to 2017. Their daughters Malia and Sasha were born in 1998 and 2001 respectively.

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