Little Holland: Motherhood in Ireland Baldwin

Little Holland: Motherhood in Ireland Baldwin

Ireland Baldwin, the daughter of Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin, has given birth to her first child.

The already large Baldwin clan has continued to grow. Like model Ireland Baldwin, 27, the daughter of Alec Baldwin, 65, and Kim Basinger, 69, her baby girl was born alive and well. According to Post, nothing has changed in the naming that Ireland Baldwin and her friend André Allen Anjos (38) have already revealed in advance – Ireland gave birth to little Holland.

The model posted a first family photo straight from the hospital, as a comment she only wrote the name of the little ones whose face she covered with a towel in the picture.

Ireland explained in a podcast at the end of January how the baby name came about: “We give her the name Holland. I’m Ireland, so a different country, because we wanted to keep it consistent.”

Premiere for Alec Baldwin

Ireland made her father Alec Baldwin, who already has eight children himself, and mother Kim Basinger grandparents for the first time. In addition to his daughter with Basinger, the star has seven other children with his wife Hilaria (39). The youngest of them, daughter Ilaria, was only born in September last year.

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