Dance show: who wins “Let’s Dance”?

Dance show: who wins “Let’s Dance”?

For three stars, it’s one last time on the floor: they dance for the winning title of “Let’s Dance”. A surprise hit of this season was the model Anna Ermakova.

Celebrities of all ages and entertainment genres are dressed in glitter robes. Then you send them to the side of well-trained professional dancers on the dance floor – live. On paper, the concept of “Let’s Dance” offers plenty of potential for embarrassment.

Instead, RTL has created a guarantor for feel-good moments with the dance show: week after week you can watch the candidates becoming more graceful and self-confident on the floor.

In addition to the right steps and posture, commitment and individual progress are regularly praised – even among the participants who tend to bring no affinity to dancing to the show. With the exception of the sometimes snappy juror Joachim Llambi, everyone on the show is very benevolent.

Anna Ermakova is considered the favorite

It is probably due to this goodwill that RTL is always able to win surprising candidates to stride across the dance floor on Friday evenings. This season it was mainly Anna Ermakova. The 23-year-old model lives in London and has so far avoided German show business – as the daughter of tennis star Boris Becker, she had been unintentionally in the public eye since early childhood.

For “Let’s Dance” Ermakova learned extra German, as she revealed in an RTL interview. The fact that she is now appearing in the final with dance partner Valentin Lusin (36) has long been no longer a surprise to the viewers: the model had done impressive performances show after show. Already after the first dances she was considered a favorite. Her mother, the model Angela Ermakova, is very proud of her, the 23-year-old said at the beginning of the season. Father Boris Becker commented on his Instagram account before the finale: “I couldn’t be prouder,” he wrote.

However, Ermakova should not feel too safe in the role of favourite. Because with the actress and Youtuber Julia Beautx (24), a second young participant fought her way to the top of the field over the course of the season. From ten jury points in the introductory show, she and dance partner Zsolt Sándor Cseke (35) made it to double thirty in the quarterfinals: full points for the quick step and the contemporary.

In the semi-finals, she was in second place behind Anna Ermakova according to the jury rating. “I still feel like I’m dreaming,” she wrote on Instagram after entering the final. “Never would I have thought that I could feel so much in one evening and especially on the dance floor.”

Surprising entry into the final for Philipp Boy

Former gymnast Philipp Boy, who impressed with his strength and agility, also received high scores again and again. The final almost didn’t work out anyway, because last Friday the 35-year-old failed in the task of improvising a Charleston with Patricija Ionel (28) after 30 seconds of preparation. Llambi said afterwards that this may have cost the dancing couple the final. The spectators saw it differently and continued to choose the former athlete.

In the fight for the cup, the three couples have already left many other celebrities behind: Among other things, this season there were top chef Ali Güngörmüs (46), model Alex Mariah Peter (25), twitch star Jens “Knossi” Knossalla (36) and singer Natalia Yegorova (49), Vitali Klitschko’s ex-wife. Most recently, mentalist Timon Krause (28) was eliminated in the semifinals.

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