Always faithful, the Dutch film that is trending on Netflix

Always faithful, the Dutch film that is trending on Netflix

This captivating erotic thriller was recently added to the catalog of the streaming platform.

Netflix recently added Always Faithful, a gripping erotic thriller from the Netherlands. Two friends who cover up their infidelities are going to see how their lives are destroyed when one of them disappears.

Directed by andre van lasthas the script of Elisabeth Lodeizen, Paul Jan Nielissen and van Duren, the film was released in theaters in December 2022 and later hit various festivals.


What is Always Faithful about

The premise of this film follows best friends Bodil and Isabel, who are happily married, but run off to have secret affairs using each other as an alibi simply for the thrill and release. Given that, they work carefully on all the details so that their husbands don’t find out. However, everything changes when Isabel suddenly disappears and Bodil is caught in her own web of lies.

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Who star in Siempre Fiel

Siempre Fiel stars Bracha van Doesburgh in the role of Bodil Becker and Elise Schaap, who plays Isabel Luijten. The rest of his cast is completed with: Nasradin Dchar, Gijs Naber, Matteo Simoni, Hannah Hoekstra, Sofie Decleir, Anna De Ceulaer, Soufiane Chilah, Damiano Incani, Soumaya Ahouaoui and Juda Goslinga.

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