Anna Ermakova: Boris Becker addresses emotional words to his daughter

Anna Ermakova: Boris Becker addresses emotional words to his daughter

On Instagram, Boris Becker addressed his daughter Anna directly in a touching video message. He told her how proud he was of her.

In an emotional video message, Boris Becker addressed his daughter Anna Ermakova, who appeared in the finale of “Let’s dance” was allowed to dance.

In the video, Becker is wearing a black jacket and a white shirt that he hasn’t buttoned all the way up. Trees and a green valley can be seen in the background. Becker calls her “my girl” and emphasizes that “all of Germany is rooting for you,” and he should count himself among them.

But in his words, it’s not just about his daughter’s dancing talent, it’s about even more, he says: “And no matter how it turns out, you’ve already taken the hearts of the Germans by storm. Your talent, your discipline, your performance and – even more so – your personality are outstanding. And I could not be prouder.”

Anna Ermakova: Papa Boris Becker sends her an emotional video message

And indeed, Ermakova was able to take home the trophy and the title “Dancingstar 2023” just after midnight. For each of her three dances she received the best score of 30 points, which secured her first place in the jury evaluation.

In the third and last appearance, the freestyle dance, she was seen with her partner Valentin Lusin in an interpretation of “Alice in Wonderland”. Ermakova wore the blue Alice dress with the white apron, Lusin had disguised himself as a mad hatter.

The viewers at home liked their performance so much that they voted for first place, as they did in the past few weeks. Thus, Ermakova emerged as the clear winner of the evening and the relay.

To the disappointment of some fans, Boris Becker was not there live in the studio. But it looks like the two want to meet again in the future. That’s what Becker said at the end of his video message. “Looking forward to seeing you again soon away from the spotlight. Your dad.”

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