Foo Fighters officially introduced their new drummer

Foo Fighters officially introduced their new drummer

It’s official: Foo Fighters have a new drummer. A little over a year after the tragic death taylor hawkinsthe band led by Dave Grohl He took a new step in his adventure and presented his most recent addition.

The group had released a new single within the week. With that excuse, he announced that on Sunday he would hold a streaming event, a fact that ended up serving to make his new man official in the patches.

Is about Josh Freezean experienced 51-year-old musician, who among his palmares has participations with The Offspring, Guns N’ Roses and Nince Inch Nails, in addition to counting more than 400 recordings in various projects.

Immediately, Freese will tour with the group on May 26. The artist was presented this Sunday during the “Preparing music for concerts” event, in which Foo Fighters performed some songs from Studio 606, the studio that the group has in Los Angeles.


The new member was jokingly introduced, after a succession of testimonials that included Chad Smith from Red Hot Chili Peppers, Tomy Lee from Mötley Crue and Danny Carey from Tool, who flirted with the idea of ​​being the successor to the deceased. Hawkins.

“Excuse me guys, could we…like, I don’t know, play a song or two? Anything?” Fresse burst in from behind the drums moments before performing the popular “All my life”, one of the emblematic songs of the ex-Nirvana group.


Freese was also one of the many musicians who paraded across the Kia Forum Wembley Stadium stage, in London and Los Angeles respectively, when Foo Fighters performed two star-studded shows to honor Hawkins, who died on March 22, 2022 in a hotel in Bogota, Colombia.

The Foo Fighters event was broadcast through the Veeps platform and will be available for another 72 hours, so that those who have not been able to do it live can watch it deferred, the group announced.

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