Nick Cannon talks about his 12 kids and how he’s being fair to all of them

Nick Cannon talks about his 12 kids and how he’s being fair to all of them

Nick Cannon has been dubbed “America’s Most Fertile Man” online. Since 2011, the actor has had twelve children from six different women. If you believe him, he does justice to everyone.

Anyone watching the new and sixth season of the brokerage series “Selling Sunset” these days will have met the new protagonist Bre Tiesi. The celebrity realtor was last in the headlines for having a son with musician and actor Nick Cannon.

Nick Cannon has twelve children by six women

In the Netflix series, Tiesi talks about her unconventional relationship with Cannon, in which there are hardly any rules. Mariah Carey’s ex-husband has been jokingly dubbed “America’s Most Fertile Man” by fans for some time now. In fact, since 2011, he has had 12 children from six different women. In “Selling Sunset” that doesn’t go down well with everyone. Tiesi’s co-stars accuse him of bringing children into the world and not being able to take care of them at all.

If you believe Cannon himself, that’s not true. He recently said on actor Jason Lee’s podcast that he’s very free with his money. “I think the real currency is your energy. I wish I could make a contract that said, ‘You can’t take that much of my energy when you go,'” he said.

money does not matter

However, his twelve children do not have to feed themselves on his energy, he also made that clear. “My money is your money, your money is my money. They can have anything they want, anything they ask for. My account is their account and there’s a lot on there so we won’t run out,” he said.

In the same podcast, Cannon revealed that he’s spending most of his time with his eight-month-old daughter Onyx right now. “I’m with her all day at least three times a week. But you know, LaNisha [Cole Anm. d. Red.] and I have a super strong bond and our co-parenting works so well,” he said.

Cannon recently told People magazine that he wakes up every day excited because he is so excited about his offspring.

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