MasterChef 2023: Germán Martitegui leaked the finalists

MasterChef 2023: Germán Martitegui leaked the finalists

The chef wanted to anticipate some exclusive data from the reality show, but inadvertently told who are the chefs who will fight for the trophy.

The success of Telefe, masterchef, It continues as one of the most watched programs on Argentine TV. Currently, the cooking reality show does not have the audience levels it had with the celebrity version, but it is still one of the “tanks” of prime time.

One of his jurors, German Martitegui, would have made a serious mistake by filtering the names of the four finalists of the cycle whose conclusion will be June but the program has already been recorded.

Currently there are: Daniela Kompel, Antonio López, María Sol Ferrero, Aquiles González Sviatschi, Rodolfo Vera Calderón, Silvana Díaz, Rodrigo Salcedo, Candelaria Sorini and Juan Francisco Moro.

On the Instagram account, both Martitegui and donato santis They said that there will be a meeting open to the public in which the juries and the four finalists will participate: Rodrigo, Candelaria, Daniela and Achilles.

Despite the fact that those would be the finalists, it is still clear who will be the winner or winner.

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