Valentina Pahde: ​​Telltale picture with her new boyfriend?

Valentina Pahde: ​​Telltale picture with her new boyfriend?

Is this the definitive love outing? The “GZSZ” star Valentina Pahde posts a revealing picture with the professional athlete Dominik Gührs.

Was this the official love outing? The “GZSZ” star Valentina Pahde (28) posted a suspicious and at the same time telltale picture with wakeboard professional Dominik Gührs (33) on her. The actress is currently in Cannes, at the film festival there. On her account, she shared a series of pictures from the south of France, in which she poses on a balcony.

In most of the photos she is alone, but Dominik Gührs can be seen in one picture. The “GZSZ” actress and the athlete are in a clear pose. He put his arm around her waist. She touches his upper body.

The professional wakeboarder posted a very similar photo in a hug from Cannes on his. But nothing has been officially confirmed. For the followers of the two, a liaison is now clearly established. “I’m sooo happy for you,” it says or “How cute are you two please?!”.

There have been rumors of a relationship for a long time

There have been rumors about a partnership between Valentina Pahde and Dominik Guhrs for a long time. She often commented on his posts on social media with heart or fire emojis. A few weeks ago, Pahde shared a first picture of a wedding in Munich. She even garnished the picture with a heart symbol.

Although Valentina Pahde keeps her fans up to date on social media, her love life remains under wraps. When rumors about a relationship with footballer Rúrik Gíslason (35) arose during her “Let’s Dance” participation, the actress remained silent.

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