Baby Etchecopar offered Jey Mammon a job

Baby Etchecopar offered Jey Mammon a job

The controversial radio and TV host said he would like to have the entertainer on his team, who for some would be “cancelled” in the media after the complaint of sexual abuse he received.

The entertainer Jey Mammon received a complaint from sexual abuse by a former partner, who claimed to have been a minor at the time of the bond. However, after a brief ostracism, Jey continues to receive job offers. First was Mario Pergoliniowner of the multiplatform vorterixand now the controversial Baby Etchecoparwho leads a space in A24.

The driver, to all this, received the job offer while waiting for telefe decide what will happen to the contract they have signed. Until the scandal, he was the driver of the shipment “morphy”Sundays at noon.

mammon did not return to the small screen since the complaint of Lucas Benvenuto by sexual abuse. However, the channel has a contract with him, so he could not take new job offers.

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The Baby Etchecopar offer

in dialogue with “LAM”, Baby stated: “I loved Jey, I love him and I admire him. I’m not the one to judge him but justice. I’m not in that position and I’m not going to take the ass out of the syringe”.

“If one day he returns to TV or the theater and people forgive him, I’m going to applaud him,” added the journalist.

He even went further: “At this bad time I would have him sitting down working, you don’t have to cancel anyone at work.”

The journalist would have spoken with hey to bring him closer to his job proposal, but he would have received a temporary refusal from the artist.

“Now he doesn’t want to go back and I’m not going to speculate at this time about having it to measure, but the day he decides to go back to TV, I don’t have any problem,” he said. Baby.

“No one is born with a GPS in life, i killed a manwe all send a shit at some point in life,” he reasoned.

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