Schlachthof Wels: Improv music like roaring tigers

Schlachthof Wels: Improv music like roaring tigers

Image: Guenther Groeger

They don’t meet very often, but meaningful musical discussions always ensue. Pianist Myra Melford, flutist Nicole Mitchell and bassist Joëlle Léandre form the Tiger Trio from time to time.

On Monday evening, the icons of improvised music made a guest appearance at the Welser Schl8hof. From the beginning, the three create a finely spun network between chamber music rigor and free play of forces. They stand for an ongoing, uncompromising search for innovation, sounding out the sound possibilities of their instruments and completely forgoing electronic expansion options.

strength from restraint

The sounds can be quite delicate, almost cautious. Melford shakes a few individual notes off the wrist, Mitchell blows soft, restrained flute tones.

And Léandre, who quickly tends towards the spectacle, is reluctant to contribute. She prefers the bowed bass and rarely plays the pizzicato that is more common in jazz. Sometimes she also uses it as a percussion instrument. Each also has its say as an unaccompanied soloist.

Mitchell blows and sings her flute, creating chord-like nuances. Melford places notes very consciously, but can also hammer powerful cascades of sound into the keyboard. The trio certainly has its strongest moments collectively. The three easily anticipate what the others are thinking and feeling. This can certainly romp, but the most beautiful are the subtleties placed in the room. (haun)

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