Torta Argentina: where and when to try this icon of the homeland and Buenos Aires confectionery

Torta Argentina: where and when to try this icon of the homeland and Buenos Aires confectionery

The Argentinian cake became a classic with which in painsa town in the province of Buenos Airescommemorate the 213 years of the May Revolution. This Buenos Aires delicacywhich shares a list with the cupcakes Criollo and the hot chocolatewill celebrate the long weekend, from May 25 to 28the ninth edition of the party that has him as the protagonist.

For four days, the schedule of proposals that will be carried out in the plaza Castelli will include Musical showsfair of entrepreneurs, giveaways and the presence of more than 30 producers of this symbolic recipe.

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Dolores Municipality

Activities will start on Thursday May 25 at 10:30 with the reception of authorities in the municipality. At 11:00, Tedeum in the parish Our Lady of Sorrowshoisting of flags, National anthem in charge of the Municipal Chamber Orchestra with the vocal interpretation of Claudia Vega. The closure of the act will be in charge of the Director of PS 31 Professor Romina Perillo. Between 3:30 p.m. and 4:00 p.m., there will be argentinian cake and free national chocolate to taste among those who attend.

In addition to delighting the palate, starting at 1:30 p.m., they will also be able to move their bodies with the Official Ballet of the National Guitar Festival, Friends of the Camino, Oscar and his Stars and La Vuelta.

On Friday they will present the Ballet Bombo Leguero, La Ida, Los Camperitos, Anabella and Free Band; the next day, New Horizon Ballet, Polo Aristegui, Majuma and Pasión Tropical; and Sunday, Ballet Guarda Pampa, Néstor Ortiz, The Voices of the East and Diamante II.

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Dolores Municipality

A cake with history

The origins of this Buenos Aires delicacy date back to late nineteenth century. A 25 of May two mulattas uruguayan confectionery specialists prepared the Argentinian cake: in honor of that national date, it had 25 circular layers dipped in fruit jam.

These women, in addition to selling portions on the street, worked as domestic for the traditional families of the place: Martinez-Requejo and Espil-Letchewho transmitted the recipe to the new generations. The Espils continued with its manufacture and incorporated caramel sauce as filler. Along these lines, in the 1970s, Kirki Martinez de Monzanidaughter of marriage Martinez-Tamagnoalso disseminated the recipe during the professional cooking courses he taught at the Juan Vucetich School.

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Dolores Municipality

makers of a tradition

Without the S pastry chefs there is no recipe that survives time nor continuity of a product that was generated for the first time during the XIX century in painsfirst native town of the province of Buenos Aires.

Alcira Poledo was born in this municipality located on the Highway 2 and knows precisely the step by step of the preparation. 18 years ago his grandson was diagnosed with celiac disease and had to face the challenge of reversing this delicacy with other types of flour, including rice. In this way she began to venture into the world of gluten free productssomething rare almost two decades ago.

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Dolores Municipality

The Argentine Cake is very noble. It can be made for weddings, 15th birthdays and different events, since it does not need a refrigerator due to the amount of butter incorporated”, explained this pastry expert who participated in all editions of the celebration. “We also call it traveling cake because my grandchildren, like several students who go on an exchange trip, take it on behalf of the city,” said Poledo.

For Alcira the party is wonderful: “We are all waiting for it, we enjoy getting together in the tent for them to come visitors from different places because the cake is well known”.

From sevignea town located 12 kilometers from the town, Candida “Coty” Varela treasures in her hands the secrets of this delight that tastes like homeland and history, and since the first edition has participated in the event. “I am very proud of this native product“, he claimed.


The popular festivals keep alive the customs and recipes that are part of the Buenos Aires gastronomic heritage. An excellent opportunity to travel next long weekend and celebrate and get to know the charming destinations of the province of Buenos Aires.

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