Melanie Müller: Leipzig public prosecutor files charges

Melanie Müller: Leipzig public prosecutor files charges

The public prosecutor’s office in Leipzig has brought charges against pop singer Melanie Müller. The 34-year-old is accused of repeatedly showing the so-called Hitler salute to the audience on a stage in September last year.

Ballermann singer Melanie Müller will soon have to answer in court for allegedly showing the forbidden Hitler salute. As announced on Wednesday morning, the investigation is complete. At the beginning of May, charges were brought against the 34-year-old before the Leipzig district court. Specifically, she is accused of using signs of unconstitutional and terrorist organizations.

Müller is said to have repeatedly shown the so-called Hitler salute to the audience on a stage in Leipzig in mid-September 2022. According to the information, the singer denied the allegation during the preliminary investigation. The public prosecutor’s office did not provide any further information on the status of the investigation. The district court of Leipzig now has to decide whether to admit the charges and open main proceedings.

Among other things, the video recordings of Müller’s concert published last year. The hand movements of the singer that can be seen on it are similar to the forbidden Hitler salute. Müller assured the newspaper that it would be “Zicke zacke zicke zacke” gestures that she had been doing on stage for years.

That’s what Melanie Müller says about the allegations

She also spoke up via Instagram and stated that she was not aware of any guilt. Instead, she sees herself as the victim of a smear campaign: “The media fire, the unjustified allegations against me, the claim that I work together with right-wing extremists and move in right-wing extremist surroundings have hit me physically and mentally hard.”

In October it became known that the police were searching Müller’s house in connection with the alleged Nazi salute. A spokeswoman for the Leipzig public prosecutor’s office confirmed: “There are two procedures in connection with the videos that have surfaced.”

Showing the Hitler salute is prohibited under Section 86a of the Criminal Code in Germany. This carries a penalty of up to three years in prison or a fine.

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