Important auction in Banco Ciudad

Important auction in Banco Ciudad

boats. Vicente Forte’s painting has a base of $1,200,000.

Next May 31, at 12, Banco Ciudad will hold its traditional anniversary auction, as part of the commemoration of the creation of the entity, which turned 145 years old yesterday. It is a series of quality works and established authors, including Benito Quinquela Martín, Vicente Forte, Carlos Alonso, Enio Iommi, Osvaldo Imperiale and Mario Mollari.

The catalog includes paintings of different styles and periods. In total, there are 17 works that are going up for auction with bases ranging from $70,000 to $2,200,000.

Claudio Saffirio, deputy general manager of Wholesale Banking for the entity, said that “the digital auction format allows greater public access to these alternative marketing proposals, with greater participation of young people.” The works that make up the auction are on display online on the Banco Ciudad auction site: https://subastas.bancociudad.com.ar/subasta/2989. Likewise, for those who are interested in seeing them in person, the Bank has a new art space located at Av. Cabildo 3061, where they can be visited from Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Among the outstanding works are “Amarradero”, by Benito Quinquela Martín (base of $2,200,000), “Barcas” by Vicente Forte (base of $1,200,000) and “El Amor” by Carlos Alonso (base of $900,000). To participate in the auction, you must first register as a user at https://www.bancociudad.com.ar/autogestion, and then at https://subastas.bancociudad.com.ar/subasta/2989.

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