Recipes: how to prepare a locro for this May 25?

Recipes: how to prepare a locro for this May 25?

National meals cannot be missing on important dates in Argentina. Learn how to prepare this typical dish.


Close to a national date, the family houses are filled with typical meals Argentinelike the famous locro. This dish is ideal for a dinner for many people since its recipe It is easy and with few steps.

locro recipe




  • Four pumpkins.
  • two kilos of onion.
  • Eight brown.
  • Six leeks.
  • Eight onions green.
  • A cabbage.
  • six packs of corn white.
  • Two packets chickpeas.
  • Three of beans.
  • three kilos of Tripe.
  • three kilos of cow meat.
  • three kilos of cuerito.
  • three kilos of sausage cool.
  • Four sausages colorados.
  • a kilo of bacon.
  • pig feet.


  • place the legumes in soaking for 24 hours.
  • One day before cooking, boil the little leathersthe little legs of pigand the meats of pig and of cow.
  • Strain everything and reserve half of the broth.
  • chop the meatsthe sausagesthe bacon and the vegetables.
  • The next day, add water to the broth and then the vegetables and meats cut.
  • Once the broth reaches the boil, place the legumeshe pumpkin in pieces, Spice up and let it boil for three and a half hours, approximately.
  • Serve with the sauce peppers, green and olive oilaccompanied by two toasted breads.

Source: Ambito

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