Emma Schweiger is in love: she shows herself with her boyfriend on Instagram

Emma Schweiger is in love: she shows herself with her boyfriend on Instagram

Emma Schweiger is on cloud nine. On Instagram, the actress posts a picture with her boyfriend for the first time. But she does not reveal who it is.

Emma Schweiger is in love. Til Schweiger’s daughter shared a picture on Instagram that shows her closely entwined with a young man at the Coachella Festival in California. The 20-year-old does not reveal who it is. She and her secret admirer hide under a Burberry scarf while the two appear to be kissing. She writes: “Lovers at Coachella”.

It is the first time that Schweiger has published a post on social media showing her with her boyfriend. She had only shared other shots with the young man in her story, which, as is well known, can no longer be viewed on Instagram after 24 hours. Already in the summer of last year, the actress showed her 295,000 subscribers pictures showing her together with her boyfriend on a motorcycle.

Emma Schweiger has butterflies in her stomach

In one of the pictures, Schweiger bends up to him and gives him a kiss. on another she shares a photo of him and writes: “Happy Birthday angel”. But Schweiger seems to have been wallowing in love for a long time. Back in April 2020, she shared an ultrasound image of a torso with butterflies inside. But she didn’t reveal any more at the time. Because the 20-year-old is still very important to her privacy.

At the age of 13 she moved back to California with her mother Dana Schweiger, where she was born. “Emma wanted to go to American High School and have a little distance from her fame, and that was good for her too,” her mother said in an interview with RTL at the time.

Comeback after hiatus in California

And the actress herself confirmed after her return in 2021 that the break was important to her: “I’ve always loved acting. But when you read things about yourself on the Internet as a young girl … that’s what got me back then always made me very sad.” In the USA she found the peace she needed. “In America, nobody was interested in who my father was. My life there was completely anonymous,” she told the “Bild”.

The hardest part was that she is always seen as “the daughter of” and not as herself. “Of course I’m Til Schweiger’s daughter, but that’s just a tiny part of who I am as a person. It’s sometimes annoying when people are prejudiced before they get to know me. Now that I’m back in Germany, I have to put up with it again,” she explained at the time.

Only what feels right

And the 20-year-old also withdrew completely from social networks at times. To this day, she only shares selected insights into her life, only posting what feels right to her. So obvious is her relationship with her boyfriend.

With the films “The Rescue of the World Known to Us” and “The True Beauty”, Schweiger celebrated her comeback in 2021, and she can currently be seen in a guest role in “Manta Manta – Second Part”.

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