Barrel Jeans Trend 2023: That’s why pants are a must-have

Barrel Jeans Trend 2023: That’s why pants are a must-have

Even if the German translation is “Fass”, the name only refers to the bow-leg cut of the barrel jeans. And it is precisely this that makes the comfortable pants a popular it-piece 2023 that everyone can wear.

Admittedly, with the large number of different types of trousers that come onto the market every year, it is easy to get confused. The loose and therefore flattering cut is typical of barrel jeans: a little narrower around the waist, a little wider at the thighs and a little narrower towards the ankles – these are the features that characterize the cylinder-like “barrel” trousers. And the best part is that the voluminous cut is flattering on every figure as it automatically slims the upper body. Apart from that, the barrel jeans are more than comfortable and offer maximum freedom of movement. But how exactly do you combine the it-piece?

Styling tips: How to combine the barrel jeans

  1. As already mentioned at the beginning, the a decent volume – without making the legs look thicker. To make the upper body look narrower, one styling tip is to use tight-fitting shirts, blouses and tops. They automatically ensure the perfect balance. However, it is important to ensure that the garments end above the waist. If you want to wear something longer over the barrel jean (like a cardigan, blazer, or shirt), you should wear the garment open so the upper body can stand out from the lower body.

  2. Another styling tip is to combine the mostly plain barrel jeans with eye-catching looks and accessories. From a colorful cropped top to exotic print designs to patterned blouses, everything that is fun is allowed – as long as the garments follow the first styling rule. As far as jewelry is concerned, eye-catching chains are just as popular here as rings and bracelets. Decide on one or you simply around (that stretches your legs and even makes you look taller), it can also be wonderfully combined with an anklet.
  3. Of course, the barrel jeans are not only suitable as a summer look: The it-piece can also be used on cold days – for example in combination with a cozy sweater (including a turtleneck or V-neck). Decide on one or an oversized look, you can emphasize your silhouette better by tucking the garment in at the front and pulling it out at the hem. The entire outfit becomes even more striking if you opt for a style that catches the eye with small details such as lace appliqués, ruffles or even fringes.

Currently in demand: the barrel jeans from Cos

The Swedish fashion empire H&M is known for always following the trend. So it is hardly surprising that the in-house brand Cos has included a colorful potpourri of trendy barrel jeans in its range. They all have the casual cut in common, i.e. a high waistband and wide trouser legs that narrow down along the thighs. But the material composition is also identical, as most of Cos’ barrel jeans are made from recycled cotton (without stretch). But there are also differences, for example in the coloring: From above up to and there is something for every taste.

The right shoes for barrel jeans

To complete the look, the right footwear is still missing . The nice thing about the bow-legged trousers is that they can be used in many different ways: If you like it more sporty, narrow-cut sneakers, flat strappy sandals or ballerinas are the best choice in summer. The style becomes sexy with high wedge heels or high heels and a blazer, it becomes edgy in combination with chunky loafers, while ankle boots ensure a casual look – they emphasize the ankles. Make sure, however, that the hem disappears into the shaft of the shoe. This is the only way to keep the O silhouette of the barrel jeans.

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