“Do you understand fun?”: Sarah Zucker lures brother Ben into the trap

“Do you understand fun?”: Sarah Zucker lures brother Ben into the trap

Sibling prank on “Do you understand fun?”: Pop star Ben Zucker is fooled by his sister Sarah.

Pop star Ben Zucker (39) will appear in the upcoming edition of “Do you understand fun?” (May 27, 8:15 p.m., the first) of all things fooled by his little sister, singer Sarah Zucker (37). The 37-year-old lures her brother to a café – knowing full well that the pop singer has an aversion to cafés.

“It’s such an ‘old-Mitte-Berlin-Atzen thing’, we just don’t go to cafes,” explains Zucker in an interview with spot on news. “But the main reason is that I’m a smoker and that’s not possible in closed rooms. Of course that’s a good thing. Still, without me.”

A cafe full of decoys

After all, the café is teeming with decoys who keep interrupting the siblings’ conversation. Sarah has important news to tell her brother… Sometimes a lady asks for a selfie with Sarah, then a loud argument breaks out at the next table, and finally an Italian duo of musicians enters the café to make the siblings happy with a tearjerker.

Did the singer never get the idea that there might be a hidden camera lurking around here somewhere? “For a short time yes. But Berlin is full of artists and crazy moments. I worked as a waiter in Berlin for a very long time. That’s why I wasn’t particularly surprised at first. In this city everything is possible and it’s concentrated,” laughs the singer.

“There wasn’t much missing”

But a stubborn admirer who makes advances to his sister pushes Zucker almost to his limits. “The supposed admirer really didn’t make it easy for me. There wasn’t much missing. She’s my little sister, who I’ll always take care of.”

When Barbara Schöneberger (49) suddenly stood in front of him, he was initially unsure. “I didn’t recognize her right away either. But then I looked again and then I was relieved. In the sense of…my sister’s suitor is/wasn’t an actual suitor.”

Is the tit-for-tat coming now?

Now he can laugh at the prank. “I’m also very honored to be part of this legendary cult show.” He is not angry with his sister for the action, but a return carriage would be quite possible, warns the hit star with a wink.

In general, he would like to be a decoy. “That would be great fun for me.” And who would he most like to trick? “That’s actually irrelevant. The main thing is that we don’t get caught and everyone is having fun.”

Source: Stern

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