Barbara Schöneberger: moderator scolds about influencers

Barbara Schöneberger: moderator scolds about influencers

Barbara Schöneberger vents about influencers in Kurt Krömer’s podcast. In particular, she criticizes the marketing of children.

Barbara Schöneberger (49) has little left for influencers. “For me, Instagram is a deeply dubious channel,” she said to comedian Kurt Krömer (48) in the “Feelings” podcast. “I refuse to somehow sneak followers through a certain type of story,” explained the moderator. She has several 100,000 followers herself, but she doesn’t sell anything there.

There are some influencers with her in the agency. “And the girls always tell you how it’s going,” she continued. “They don’t wear a bikini anymore that they bought themselves.” Every holiday, the hotel is called beforehand and asked: “‘We’ll get it for free if we post it three times.'” The entertainer goes too far: “Please pay for your oil massage yourself! You’re all millionaires,” she demanded. Such behavior would not be for her. However, she also thinks: “As of today, I screwed up any cooperation with a lucrative advertising partner on Instagram.”

Marketing children on social media: “I think that sucks!”

In particular, the presenter and mother doesn’t like the marketing of children on social media. “I have zero point zero understanding for that,” she criticized. She was also “extremely beastly” when people tried this. “In the beginning it’s just the little cashmere sock, then the little foot, then it has a smiley face over its face, then at some point it has hair over its face and then the child is colored in sepia. In the perfect living room decoration, matching the lamp and the vase and stuff and the dried flowers – well, I have to be honest: I hate that! I think that’s absolutely the last straw!”

Kurt Krömer agrees: He doesn’t even know if his children “think it’s great,” said Krömer. “If you now have a child who is three or four years old – what does that mean in 20 years that everyone has already seen what you were wearing or that you had pap on your face or whatever,” he said comedian off.

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