Princess Kate shines brighter than King Charles III. – a problem

Princess Kate shines brighter than King Charles III.  – a problem

As one of the faces of the future monarchy, Princess Kate has a lot of responsibilities. In Buckingham Palace, however, it is feared that King Charles III. could overshadow.

A great deal of responsibility rests on the shoulders of Princess Kate and Prince William. They are the faces of the future monarchy, they must gradually rejuvenate the latently outdated structure of the royal family and continue to inspire people. Kate in particular seems to have grown into this role in recent months. Wherever she appears, she inspires enthusiasm among fans – young and old alike.

Last Monday she attended the Chelsea Flower Show in London and spent time there with primary school children. The enthusiasm of the onlookers was huge to see the princess in her pink summer dress. What no one talked about after that: King Charles III. and his wife, Queen Camilla, also attended the Chelsea Flower Show on the same day.

Princess Kate simply shines brighter than the monarch – and that could become a problem. Because it has happened before that a younger member of the royal family has eclipsed Charles: his first wife, Princess Diana.

Princess Kate outshines King Charles III.

Charles is said to have been insanely jealous when he realized his young wife was making more noise than he was. On their first tour together to Wales, young Charles even admitted that the crowds didn’t come for him, but for the woman at his side. “We want Princess Di,” people chanted on the side of the road at the time. “There’s the person you’re dying to see,” Charles snapped to some onlookers. It was to become one of the issues in their marriage. Because Charles wasn’t supposed to crawl out of her big shadow until the end of the marriage — and beyond. Diana remained the star of the royal family to the end.

The fact that Kate’s appearance at the Chelsea Flower Show was just as distracting from his as it was in Diana’s day should upset Charles. Prince Harry also recently revealed in his autobiography that his father was jealous of the love royal fans gave to the young family members. “Pa and Camilla didn’t like that Willy and Kate drew attention away from them or their concerns. They often scolded Willy for it,” Harry wrote in his book.

Prince Harry describes jealousy in his book

He also recalled the day Princess Kate visited a tennis club in the UK. Charles and Camilla also performed at an event on the same day. According to Harry, Charles and Camilla’s biggest fear is that Kate would hijack the front pages of the newspapers. Charles’ spokesman warned the Duke of Sussex at the time “just to make sure the Duchess (Kate) isn’t holding a tennis racket in any of the photos.”

According to British media reports, palace employees are already worried that Kate Charles could steal the show. In fact, you can tell that she’s already doing it. For the family harmony, one can only hope that Charles and Camilla will be able to handle it in the future. The royals would find it difficult to endure even more arguments.

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