ProSieben show: “Germany’s next top model”: Heidi throws Flensburg woman out

ProSieben show: “Germany’s next top model”: Heidi throws Flensburg woman out

Photo shoot in the water tank and a truck that becomes a walking stick: Heidi Klum challenges her young models quite a bit. For one, however, the dream of the title and a night of partying in Las Vegas is shattered.

With “Germany’s Next Top Model” the ranks thin out. For candidate Katherine, the dream of the title is over.

Heidi Klum threw the 20-year-old from Flensburg out of the show in the episode broadcast on ProSieben on Thursday evening. The candidates had previously done a photo shoot in a water tank and walked on a truck in front of the eyes of “Germany’s Next Top Model” 2014, Stefanie Giesinger.

The Flensburg woman shed tears. But she thanked Klum “for choosing me, for letting me keep my hair”. Katherine was one of the few whose hair survived the makeover. Even more tears flowed beforehand – because Katherine and her collaborators Coco and Selma were too young for a celebration in Las Vegas during the recording in the USA. Because they’re not yet 21, they stayed behind at the hotel while the others went dancing with Klum in the gambling metropolis.

“My biggest dream was to go partying here in Las Vegas,” said candidate Selma in tears. “But unfortunately I’m not 21.” Attempts to offer consolation failed. As an attempt to compensate, there was a lot to eat for the three youngest. But Katherine noted, “A night of partying in Las Vegas isn’t like eating or snacking.” Because drinking alcohol in the USA is only legal at the age of 21, most clubs and bars are only accessible at this age.

The model show is slowly approaching the home stretch. After two more episodes, the finale is on June 15th.

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