Samantha Weinstein: “Carrie” star dies at 28

Samantha Weinstein: “Carrie” star dies at 28

Actress Samantha Weinstein has died at the age of 28. The “Carrie” remake star had ovarian cancer.

Samantha Weinstein (1995-2023) has died. The Canadian actress, who played high schooler Heather in the 2013 remake of ‘Carrie’, was only 28 years old. she died of ovarian cancer on May 14 at Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto. According to the report, the actress’ agent said Weinstein was still working on tapings for a speaking role through May 4. “We all miss her terribly,” the agent was quoted as saying by The Hollywood Reporter.

: “After two and a half years of cancer treatment and a life of traveling the world, scoring a plethora of cartoon animals, making music, and knowing more about life than most people, she sets off on her next adventure.”

Career started as a child

Weinstein was born on March 20, 1995 in Toronto, began her acting career at the age of six and had her breakthrough role at the age of ten with the role of Josephine in “Big Girl” – a successful Canadian short film. Many roles followed, including the 2013 “Carrie” remake, in which she was in front of the camera with Chloë Grace Moretz (26). The up-and-coming actress has also worked as a dubbing artist, including for animated series. She was also known as a singer-songwriter.

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