Headphones #99: Celine Dion massages hearts

Headphones #99: Celine Dion massages hearts
Celine Dion not only plays herself in the romantic comedy “Love Again”, she also provides the music.
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Life can be equated with a roller coaster ride. You could also see it like a movie script. When it comes to film, Celine Dion might also come to mind. She contributed a heartbreaker to the tear-jerking scene of “Titanic”. “My Heart Will Go On” would have melted the iceberg before the ship crashed into it.

All of this is as unimportant as it is of concern, should only be used as a smooth transition to “Love Again” (Columbia) serve. The soundtrack to the film, in which Celine Dion can also be seen as an actress for the first time (she plays herself), has five new songs to offer in addition to six of the Canadian’s well-known hits. Anyone who knows Dion and her music knows that she unfolds her full vocal power on the quiet side.

The songs for the romantic comedy are primarily acoustic heart massages. If you disregard “The Gift” that comes along at a slightly dancing tempo and doesn’t pass as a love ballad, even if it’s about love, of course. The strongest of the five new songs is “Waiting On You”, soaked in the light Motown sound, in which Dion makes everything visible and audible that made her a great pop voice.

The well-known hits that complete the soundtrack to “Love Again” include “It’s All Coming Back To Me Now”, “All By Myself” and “A New Days Has Come”.

The invincible

Invincibility is a feeling youth can claim. With the experience of the years one knows that no one is invincible. what with Christopher Sakwerda has to do? Well, the 23-year-old newcomer from Germany has come along “Invincible” (Columbia) gave his EP a title track that makes even the experienced nod. Because it’s about that unique feeling of falling in love without any ifs or buts. Feeling attracted to another person also means letting go and becoming vulnerable, because love is beautiful, but it also makes you vulnerable.

Sakwerda sings about this balancing act of unconditional emotional life and the fear of no longer being invincible because you feel that someone can suddenly hurt you. A song about love, in which Sakwerda takes center stage with his succinct voice and the arrangement is content with little, because a good song works even when it’s not overblown. Recommendation.

Indie rock from Vorarlberg

Honest. Vorarlberg would probably have been the penultimate election if it had been asked where it came from Junipa Gold come. With the distinctive voice of front woman Mia, the band from the Ländle delivers a coherent indie rock piece in which love and all its effects are given ample space. Because love, everyone knows, can be so heartbreakingly beautiful, so rousingly intense, but also so overwhelming and loud. That pushes on Junipa Gold “Loving Like A Fool” (Rola Records) impressive. An EP has been announced for autumn. Before that, the band is on a big tour through Austria, Germany, Switzerland and France. That already shows potential.

Last but not least

In Australia you will not only find remote areas, but also musicians who still have something left for beautiful melodies and polyphonic singing and where the “old” folk campfire is still blazing. The gentlemen McDermott & North have with “ally” (Rola Records) has written a harmonious pop-folk song that should definitely be included in a playlist against bad moods.

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