The unusual amulet that a participant took to a TV contest

The unusual amulet that a participant took to a TV contest

A woman appeared to compete in a television cycle with a “sacred” figure. It didn’t work for her as she expected and she was eliminated.

One of the participants in the classic cycle of questions and answers “The 8 Steps”conducted by Guido Kaczkaleft his fate in the hands of a statue of Buddhabut it didn’t work as expected and got deleted.

Contestants often draw attention for their life stories, connected to why they would need the winner’s prize money, and in some cases, the charms that lead to the shipment of prizes. Channel 13. In this case, a participant, who identified herself as MonicaHe arrived with something in his hands.

“What are you holding there?”wanted to know the host of the program, to which Monica He replied that it was a Buddha. “Does it bring luck, or does it bring good energy, or does it calm you down?”the driver continued to ask, and the participant clarified: “It’s good luck, it’s my cousin’s and I brought it because I always kiss her tummy.” “I also brought the photo of my dad already San expedito. I asked everyone… the Universe, everyone,” explained Mónica, who, however, had not brought the answers to the questions she was asked.

When shown a photograph on the giant screens, she was asked if the person seen there was Gianni Versace or Giorgio Armani. “Come on answer”the participant whispered to the coveted amulet. Finally, she decided on the first, since it was the second. There she faced her amulet and said: “You behaved badly”to the surprise of those present.

Thus, there ended the participation of Monica in the cycle on the third step, by answering the two corresponding questions negatively, which prevents them from continuing to be part of the broadcast.

What does it mean to have a Buddha?

Buddha (Sanskrit buddha, “awakened” or “enlightened”) It is an honorific name with religious content that is applied to someone who has achieved a complete spiritual awakening or enlightenment.. In the Indian religious framework where Buddhism develops, this awakening implies a state of mental tranquility.

His image is an inspiring symbol of encouraging thoughts: abundance, harmony, serenity, health, prosperityand since thought is creative energy, it is always great to have this type of daily stimulus in the house.

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