Britney Spears: Reconciliation with her mother after three years of radio silence

Britney Spears: Reconciliation with her mother after three years of radio silence

Britney Spears hasn’t said a good word about her mother in recent months. Now it came to a reconciliation talk between the women – apparently with success.

If you want to know something about Britney Spears’ state of mind, you have the best chance to do so on her Instagram profile. There the singer does not mince words. Since the end of her guardianship, she has verbally shot at everyone who had not been on good terms with her in the past – and especially at her own family.

Britney Spears reconciles with her mother

The musician did not leave a good hair on her father Jamie Spears, but mother Lynne Spears also got her fat. Now the women have spoken at Britney Spears’ estate in Los Angeles. Lynne Spears made the trip to visit her older daughter. And apparently the meeting had a happy ending.

“My sweet mama showed up at my door yesterday after three years. It’s been so long…there are always things that need to be resolved in the family but time heals all wounds,” Spears wrote on Instagram afterwards. She was finally able to tell her mother everything that was on her heart. Now she is looking forward to going for a coffee with her mother followed by a shopping trip.

allegations against the family

Normal mother-daughter activities like this weren’t possible for Spears for years. For 13 years she was under the control of her father, who, as her guardian, was in charge of almost every aspect of her life. In November 2021, shortly after the guardianship was legally terminated, Spears shot her family.

“I’m not even mentioning all the horrible things they did to me that they should all be in jail for. Yes, including my church-going mom,” she captioned a question-and-answer video at the time. “I haven’t forgotten anything,” Spears clarified.

Two years later, the relationship seems at least on the mend.

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