People: US actress Bella Thorne announces her engagement

People: US actress Bella Thorne announces her engagement

Bella Thorne said yes: The 25-year-old announced her engagement in Vogue magazine. Thorne also reveals where the wedding will take place.

The American actress Bella Thorne (“Midnight Sun”) wants to get married. Entrepreneur and producer Mark Emms proposed to her in mid-May, Thorne announced in the US magazine “Vogue”.

It was “love at first sight” when the two met last year on a beach in Ibiza at a birthday party for model Cara Delevingne, the 25-year-old said. She would like a wedding celebration at a country estate in England, in Emms’ homeland.

Thorne posted several photos and videos of the couple on Friday, one of which shows her holding her hand with a large ring on her finger for the camera. “My love” she captioned the Instagram post. She also linked the “Vogue” report.

The actress, who also works as a model, singer and writer, rose to fame as a teenager starring alongside Zendaya in the TV series ‘Shake It Up.’ She acted in comedies like “Urlaubsreif” or “The Duff – If you don’t have one, you’re one”. In 2018 she shot the love drama “Midnight Sun” with Patrick Schwarzenegger.

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