Society: Jane Fonda: “Should have a lot of compassion for men”

Society: Jane Fonda: “Should have a lot of compassion for men”

Friendship between men works differently than between women, says the actress. This is also due to the fact that men have not learned to ask for help.

Friendships between men are a remarkable thing for actress Jane Fonda. “They sit next to each other and look out, look at cars, sports, …” said the 85-year-old in Cannes. It’s different among women. They “look into each other’s eyes. And we’re not afraid to say: I’m lost. We’re not afraid to ask for help.”

There are social reasons for these differences. “We should have a lot of compassion for men because the damn culture teaches them not to ask for help.”

The two-time Oscar winner (“Coming Home – you are returning home”, “Klute”) is known for her political activism. Recently, the film “Book Club – The Next Chapter” with her in a leading role was released in cinemas. She currently has no new films planned, she said in Cannes. “I don’t have any projects other than trying to fight the climate crisis,” she said. In addition, she is focusing on the presidential elections in the USA, which will take place in autumn 2024.

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