Final of Succession, a farewell at the top

Final of Succession, a farewell at the top

(This article contains spoilers for the end of Succession on HBO)

The day finally came, after so many struggles and twists and turns, we already know who will take the place of Logan Roy (Brian Cox). Once the mystery is revealed, we realize that perhaps we did not want to know, because we did not want this to end.

successionthe series created by Jesse Armstrong for HBO it came to an end after four seasons and it does so at its peak, and despite the fact that it is hard to say goodbye, we are thankful for that.

We give thanks because we live in a world where any success is squeezed ad nauseam. In the case of the series, it is season after season in which we see how the product is diluted, at least in its vast majority. The same thing happens with the movies and their sequels and spin-offs, everything is part of a big universe and the stories are lost sight of.

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That is why Armstrong’s decision to close his story is correct, there are four seasons on the rise, in constant evolution. Cox himself, in charge of giving life to the patriarch of the Roy family, already said it in an interview with Variety: “The American inclination is to stretch for all it’s worth”. But just like us, Cox will also miss the series she’s been a part of for the past few years: “I’ll miss the cast, I’ll miss the atmosphere, I’ll miss the bonhomie.”

The end of Succession, from betrayal to betrayal

Going directly to what happened in the last chapter of the series, the almost hour and a half duration was a walk through all possible emotional states. What seemed to be a hidden truth was finally revealed Lukas Matsson (Alexander Skarsgard) had no intention of leaving Shiv Roy in command (Sarah Snook). Once this comes out we see how Shiv, Roman (Kieran Culkin) and Kendall (Jeremy Strong) have their last great council. Once again the brothers have united, but only one can be the tip of the triangle and it is Ken who takes the lead.

Everything seems on track, they have the numbers but nevertheless at the time of the vote Shiv backs down. Matsson wins, GoJo wins Waystar Royco and Tom Wambsgans (Matthew Macfadyen) is the new CEO. How did this happen? As he rose in the family, Tom is now the CEO of Lukas, and it’s all thanks to knowing who to bow down to. As for the Roys’ role in Waystar, unlikely cousin Greg (Nicholas Brown) is the last member of the family standing.



Now we know, or rather we confirm it, Logan never raised his children so that one of them would be his real successor. They weren’t prepared for a bloody game like this, they thought they were up to the task but even at the moment of closest proximity they were light years away. If Logan didn’t trust them, why would anyone else?

Succession’s legacy

succession it was quite a show. A drama and a comedy in equal parts, the two sides of the same coin. A powerful family guided by the iron hand of the patriarch. It is a drama that shows how difficult it is to break, escape or please the family legacy (and especially a very heavy one), and it is a comedy because of how it shows these situations.



The series created and scripted by Armstrong had dialogues to remember and with great directors, including adam mckay and Mark Mylod. The riotous visual style became a hallmark of the series. Without a doubt succession He already sits at the table of the great television series, his characters are already part of popular culture and will surely always be remembered.

All seasons of Succession are available on HBO Max

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