What are the symptoms of suffering from depression?

What are the symptoms of suffering from depression?

There are traits of depressed people that can help discover this evil. How do you know if someone (or yourself) is suffering from depression?

Mental health is one of the big issues on the agenda for people’s well-being today. It is still a subject that is usually taboo, but less and less thanks to the fact that many personalities have spoken publicly about their conditions, such as depression and anxiety attacks, among others.

Depression is one of the most common mental disorders in today’s society. Although there are events that can cause us a certain level of sadness for a while, sometimes a chemical imbalance can lower the levels of serotonin in our body, causing us depression.

In addition, there are certain people more predisposed than others to suffer from this distressing disease that, however, has treatment and with increasingly better results. Early detection is essential, and here we are going to analyze some traits of depressed people that can help you detect this disease early.


signs of depression

  1. The people most prone to depression are those who are responsible, with low self-esteem, demanding, perfectionist, with a high sense of duty and respect, meticulous, with a low tolerance for failure and very rigid approaches to life.
  2. Depressive people also place a lot of importance on control. They like to know what is happening at all times, they adore routine, they hate improvisation or surprises, and they suffer if they feel that they do not control any aspect of their lives.
  3. If you feel sad for no apparent or justified reason, or you see that you don’t feel like doing anything because nothing motivates or excites you, you could be developing depression. However, that sadness and apathy may be motivated by other more trivial reasons, such as seasonal changes.
  4. Stop eating, sleep poorly -or too much- and feel weak can be physical symptoms indicative of depression.
  5. The depressive tends to isolate himself. He does not want to associate with anyone, he stops meeting other people and going out and can even be moody with his family members and friends, who he feels are “overwhelming” him.
  6. If you are depressed, it will be difficult for you to get out of bed, and you will feel better as the day goes by. Serotonin reaches its highest levels in the afternoon, hence the improvement.
  7. Another way to know if you are depressed is to analyze the content of your thoughts. It is usually negative, and related to ideas of disease, ruin or death.
  8. The most obvious symptom of depression is crying. If you cry for no reason or feel like it, and after crying you don’t feel better, depression may have started.
  9. Depression is often accompanied by anxiety, so some of its symptoms (nervousness, agitation, rapid and short breathing, restlessness, etc.) are mixed with depression or even mask it.
  10. Another symptom is anhedonia (inability to derive pleasure or enjoy). If you stop liking things that you used to be passionate about, or you seem passive towards activities that were your favorites, be alert. Lack of interest in sex, impotence or frigidity, and lack of desire are also very revealing.


What to do if I suffer from depression?

In depression, the person who suffers from it is aware that they are suffering from the symptoms. That is why it is important that one analyzes oneself objectively and can prevent depression or treat it from its early stages: this exponentially increases the chances of complete recovery.

If your personality responds to the traits described and you have noticed any of the symptoms that have occurred, see a specialist. Not all depressions are the same and not all symptoms are exclusive to depression, but if you are affected, early detection is essential for recovery.

To avoid depression, it is advisable to encourage social relationships and outdoor life, as well as having hobbies and hobbies, whatever they may be. An optimistic attitude is very healthy, avoiding taking things too seriously and seeking distractions and rewarding moments.

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