Blue must-have: every woman needs this shirt

Blue must-have: every woman needs this shirt

The light blue oversize shirt is currently the absolute must-have. Why? It scores with its diverse styling options.

As far as the must-have in the transition between spring and summer is concerned, women can also use their partner’s wardrobe under certain circumstances, because: Oversized cotton shirts in light blue are the perfect everyday companion – both on cooler and on very hot days.

Great styling skills are not required at this point. Because the blue shirt is mainly used as a thin jacket or throw. Ex-“Bachelor” candidate and influencer Liz Kaeber (30), for example, puts on her white and strapless knitted dress with cut-outs

Goes with a dress or jeans

Model Ann-Kathrin Götze (33) also has a short mini dress in baby blue and a ruffled hem. The striped oversized blouse adds a sporty touch to the playful dress. Götze also wears a small handbag and sunglasses – the perfect summer look.

But the blue shirt also makes an impression with simple jeans and a white t-shirt, as well as with beige suit trousers and a tight black top. Sneakers, but also sandals or loafers harmonize as shoes.

The advantage: on slightly cooler days, the shirt keeps us a little warm, on hot days it protects against the intense sun.

Source: Stern

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