Darío Barassi returns to television with “Ahora caigo”

Darío Barassi returns to television with “Ahora caigo”

The format, produced by Boxfish, marks Barassi’s return to the thirteenth after “100 Argentines say.”

The actor and driver Dario Barassi will return next Monday, June 5 at 6:30 p.m. to the eltrece screen with “Now I fall”a game show that seeks to find the person who knows the most about general culture on Argentine television.

The format, produced by Boxfish, marks Barassi’s return to the station after “100 Argentines say”.

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What is “Now I fall” the new Barassi

It consists of a main contestant called “Protagonist” who must compete against ten others in general knowledge questions about floodgates that will open when one of them loses.

In front of each contestant there are two footprints (one white and one black) that each represent a sum of money ranging from one to one hundred thousand pesos (although none of the contestants know the amount that is hidden).

The objective of the main contestant is to beat the others and, in case of losing, he will be replaced in the place of “Protagonist”.

After the ten duels, whoever is left standing will be able to double their money through a final game in which they must answer ten questions correctly in two minutes.

The winner of the day returns to the next program, in the place of the “Protagonist” to continue adding money.

The calls for contestants and for the tribune are open at eltrecetv.com. Each day, one person from the grandstand will be selected to participate for the jackpot.

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