Bariloche dresses in white: the first snowfall of the year fell in the city

Bariloche dresses in white: the first snowfall of the year fell in the city

The city started the week tinged with white with the heavy snowfall that fell over the long weekend. This is a great omen for the season that is beginning.

The wait is over and the magic of winter was present in Bariloche during the long weekend. The landscape was transformed into a true winter scene: snowflakes covered the roofs, the streets and the mountains that surround the charming city. This novelty means that all the attention is focused on the plans for the winter holidays.

From the center of the city of Bariloche you can see the Cerro Otto painted in white. Many residents and tourists have already taken advantage of its proximity to play games with the freshly fallen snow, enjoy handmade sleighs and build snowmen. In June, the facilities of the Otto complexes reopen their doors and await you with fascinating experiences for the whole family and dreamlike panoramic views.

On Cerro Catedral, where the most developed ski center in South America operates, more than one meter of snow accumulated in the heights and approximately 50 cm in Villa Catedral, the base of the lifts. With these conditions, many people took advantage of going to the base to go sledding in the plaza and the Play Park. It is estimated that the snowfall will continue on the summits during the next weekend.

This first snowfall marks the beginning of the winter season in Bariloche, the most popular tourist destination in the country. As temperatures drop and snow falls from the sky, the hearts of locals and visitors fill with joy and anticipation for the holidays that await them in the coming months. It also marks the beginning of a new era for local businesses. The hotels, cabin complexes, restaurants and shops in Bariloche are ready to welcome visitors and give them unforgettable experiences.

The favorable forecasts for snowfall on the hills, the different existing promotions in accommodation, added to the news in snow centers and national and international air connectivity (with Chile and Brazil), allow the city to look at what remains of the winter season with optimistic eyes. If you want more information about all the activities and events of the winter season in Bariloche, enter the official website or communicate through our networks.

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