Charlene of Monaco: Prince Albert’s wife has brown hair

Charlene of Monaco: Prince Albert’s wife has brown hair

Backcombed, gelled, curled, shaved: When it comes to her hair, Princess Charlene of Monaco is open to experiments. Since her marriage to Prince Albert II in 2011, she has tried quite a few things.

When she appeared on the sidelines of the Formula 1 race in Monaco, Charlène surprised her with a new hairstyle: instead of blonde, the 45-year-old wears chestnut brown. For several years now, the mother of two has relied on a practical short haircut, repeatedly trying out different shades. Last year, Charlène wore peroxide blonde to the Formula 1 race – so now a dark brown.

Charlène presented what is probably her most radical look to date in December 2020. At that time she showed herself with the side of her head shaved. A look back at the striking hairstyles of the Monegasque mother of the country.

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