Ángel de Brito responded to Jey Mammon

Ángel de Brito responded to Jey Mammon

After what Jey Mammon reappeared in an interview with Infobae and announced that he will sue some television communicators -among which are brito angel, Nazarena Velez, Yanina Latorre, Karina Mazzocco, flower of the V, Augusto Tartufolithe producer Jose Nunez and the victim Lucas Benvenuto– Due to the repercussions that his case with Benvenuto for sexual abuse had, de Brito responded to him and was decisive.

“Infobae published news that is false, no one was quoted. Today I took it upon myself to speak one by one”said the driver of LAM (America).

“The people who sent it… sent it to several journalists because they are looking for the addresses. I give mine to them, they write me a WhatsApp and I give it to them, that’s how they send me the notification. And I’m delighted I go to Justice to answer all the questions they have,” said the driver.

In addition, he remarked that Fernando “Burlando, despite saying that he is not his lawyer, is behind this. He surely put some lawyer for him ”.

According to Ángel, in the note they made to the former driver of La Peña de Morfi (Telefe), “he announces this false news that there are already hearings, but there are none, they will surely come, they are welcome.” “But well … that’s how Natalia Volosin (the journalist who interviewed him for Infobae) and Jey Mammon lied,” he added before presenting a fragment of the note they made to Mammon on his program.

De Brito, to close with the subject, stated: “I am not going to retract or fart. What I think is that, opinion. The data are”.


what jey mammon said

Jey Mammon said in the interview: “I have written down the worst things that some communicators have said. Can I read it? It seems outrageous to me that a person invents a story and goes to make any complaint. And then that communicators go against that and say: ‘Jey Mammon is an abuser, he is a rapist, he is a cynic, he is a monster, he is a son of a p…. Lucas has all the evidence to prove that he was 14 years old, the evidence is on the table ‘ All this was said by communicators.”

He also said that he filed million-dollar lawsuits, of approximately one million dollars each, against the whistleblower, producers and communicators who according to him falsely accused him.

Source: Ambito

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