Twiggy: Better wrinkles than cosmetic procedures

Twiggy: Better wrinkles than cosmetic procedures

Naturally beautiful – without any beauty interventions: fashion icon Twiggy revealed why she is proud of her wrinkles at over 70.

In the swinging sixties she was an absolute fashion icon. And even today, at over 70, Lesley Lawson aka Twiggy (73) still looks dazzling. In an interview, she revealed more about her beauty secrets and her thoughts on aging with dignity. For example, she never went under the knife and she does not even consider small cosmetic corrections with the help of Botox and other means. “I’m kind of proud of my wrinkles,” said the former supermodel.

Aversion to Botox and Co.

She understands it when others make small changes, but for her personally that is not an option at the moment. She thinks very little of injections: “People get funny cheeks from them that look like cotton balls have been stuffed into them. That would scare me,” says Twiggy’s opinion on Botox, hyaluronic acid and other treatments that are used to inject wrinkles.

Uncomplicated styling in everyday life

When she’s not out and about at events, her styling is very practical: according to her own statements, Twiggy normally walks around in everyday life without make-up and with a ponytail. “That’s me when I’m out. Sunglasses and hair tucked under a baseball cap.” She keeps fit with a Pilates session once a week. That helped her with her back pain, which she had suffered from since she was 60.

She doesn’t like being called “grandma”.

Twiggy, who was awarded the British “Dame Commander” medal in 2019, loves her normal life alongside her husband Leigh Lawson (77) and with her family and friends, as she reveals in the interview. “I love going to the supermarket, just normal things. I love my job, but my life is real life with Leigh and my kids, my grandkids, my friends.” However, she doesn’t like it when her grandchildren call her grandmother, her nickname with the children is “Mimi”.

Twiggy has been married to Leigh Lawson since 1988. Her daughter Carly Witney (45) is from her marriage to her late first husband Michael Witney. Both a film and a musical are currently being made that document the life of the British fashion icon.

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