It closed RARBG, one of the main sources of torrenting movies and series

It closed RARBG, one of the main sources of torrenting movies and series

The page that for 15 years centralized the download of movie and TV torrents for millions of users around the world.

The Web RARBGone of the main sources for downloading torrents of movies and TV series episodes, has closed permanently.

The decision to close the website comes from its own managers, who published a message on a page with a white background where previously there were links to torrents classified by categories, including movies and television series, but also software, video games and music files.

As an explanation, in that message those responsible for the web cite various causes for the surprise closure, which has been decided unanimously. Among them are the death of one of the authors due to health problems derived from the covid and also the war in Ukraine, where they imply that they have members fighting on both sides. They also cite the increase in the price of energy and inflation, which has made it unaffordable to keep their data centers in Europe running.

RARBG and the center of torrent culture

Shortly after its opening in 2008, RARBG It evolved until it became a benchmark in the world of open trackers for downloading torrents. The page’s policy prevented users from uploading their own links, which kept it free of viruses, malware or malicious software since each release was backed by the web’s own control.

In addition, RARBG had its own label for ripping and releasing material, characterized by a high quality of compression that also made them very popular on other trackers. It was not a website where recordings taken in movie theaters or low-quality material were distributed. Although it is foreseeable that similar projects or mirror websites that seek to replicate RARBG’s success model will soon be born, it is difficult for them to maintain their same standards.

This leads us to think of a turning point within the torrent culture and the downloading of audiovisual material. A world that has experienced several crises, such as the trial against the founders of The Pirate Bay due to copyright infringement that took place in 2009 or the wave of closures in the period 2015-16 (when flagship pages such as KickassTorrents), and which is characterized by its capacity for reinvention.

With the massification of streaming and the persecution of piracy by the industry, the exchange and download of torrents stabilized in the background of audiovisual consumption, but in recent months it had experienced a certain popular resurgence in response to price increases. changes in the shared account policy and deletion of content on streaming platforms.

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