They deliver the “Oscar of Artisanal Ice Cream”: when and where the Gold Cup will take place

They deliver the “Oscar of Artisanal Ice Cream”: when and where the Gold Cup will take place

In search of the best ice cream in the country, the award invites Argentine ice cream masters to demonstrate their skills and creativity. I know more.

The Ice Cream and Related Artisanal Manufacturers Association (AFADHYA) organizes, for the first time, the competition Argentine Gold Cup, with the support of FITHEP Centro, the Federation of Pastry Chefs and the International Ice Cream Show (MIG). Know when and where it will take place.

Laid on 1970he International Award “Coppa d’Oro” is considered as the Oscar of Artisanal Ice Cream: every year, ice cream masters from all over the world are invited to demonstrate their skills and creativity.

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Coppa d’Oro Argentina: when and where it will take place

The competition will be held within the scope of the International Technology Fair for Ice Creams, Jams, Chocolates, Baked Goods, Pastas, Pizzas and Convenience Items, which will take place between the days 5, June 6 and 7 in the city of Cordova. The winner will get direct classification to the 53rd edition of the International Artisanal Ice Cream Exhibition in Longarone, Italy.

“These peer-to-peer challenges encourage everyone to let’s achieve better flavors, better techniques and further professionalize the trade”, highlighted Maximilian MaccarronePresident of AFADHYA.

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Oscar of Artisanal Ice Cream: how will the competition be?

The protagonist will be the flavor dark chocolate sorbet to be prepared by all participants. In the presence of the jury, the practical test and it will be voted evaluating the flavor and the structure (body, texture, sensation of cold), in addition to order and hygiene in the work area. One of them will win.

international jury

The competition jury will be chaired by the renowned benchmark of Italian gastronomy Antonio Mezzalira together with Argentine gastronomic of different specialties: Ariel Segesserinternational technical consultant in ice cream, chocolate, pastry; Gabriel Famasecretary of AFADHYA; Celia B. de Deggiovanidirector at Celia gastronomy school; Mariano Zichertadvisor and consultant to pastry shops, ice cream shops, chocolatiers and bakeries, and Chef Joaquin Asen.

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“He Argentinian Artisanal Ice Cream is recognized throughout the world and valued by our fans in Argentina. This type of competition enhances the prestige of our noble productthat is why we are proud to be the organizers, for the first time, of this cup that will allow the winner to represent our country in the Coppa d’Oro of Ice Cream in Italy”, added the president of AFADHYA.

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