Actress: Stefanie Reinsperger plays the “city forester”

Actress: Stefanie Reinsperger plays the “city forester”

She is already known from the Dortmund “crime scene” – now she has landed a new role. But it will be a while before viewers can see them in it.

Actress Stefanie Reinsperger (35) has a new television role. In “Die Großstadtförsterin” she plays a young forester who takes up a position in the Grunewald forestry office.

“The shooting of the 90-minute prelude is currently underway in Berlin,” said Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg (rbb) today. The Austrian Reinsperger has so far been seen in the Dortmund “Tatort” and at the Berliner Ensemble on the theater stage.

Now she’s playing a “solitude-loving forester” who tends to have difficulties with people and who clashes with the big city forest and its peculiarities – such as naked men and demonstrating wild boar fans. A feature film is currently being produced, which is expected to run in the first in 2024. If the film inspires the audience, it could become a film series, said an rbb spokeswoman.

Source: Stern

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