Arnold Schwarzenegger: Movie heroes don’t retire

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Movie heroes don’t retire

Arnold Schwarzenegger congratulates his colleague and friend Clint Eastwood on Instagram with pithy words on his 93rd birthday.

So this is what it looks like when an action veteran congratulates another film legend. Arnold Schwarzenegger (75) shares Clint Eastwood’s 93rd birthday. “Happy Birthday Clint,” Arnie wrote.

Schwarzenegger and Eastwood ‘reload’

“You have inspired me, you have been a mentor to me and you are a wonderful friend,” Schwarzenegger continues. But the greatest praise then follows: “At the age of 93 you prove that heroes don’t retire – they load up. You’re a legend.”

Both have had a lasting influence on action cinema over the past decades. Schwarzenegger shared the picture on Instagram at the end of 2019. that he’s waiting for someone to name him a more iconic duo. The two have been close friends for many years.

Apparently, even in his old age, Eastwood is not yet thinking about retiring from the film business. Like among others, he is expected to be seen alongside Nicholas Hoult (33), Toni Collette (50) and Zoey Deutch (28) in the upcoming film “Juror #2”. Eastwood is expected to direct as well.

At 75, Schwarzenegger has also just “reloaded”. His new series “Fubar” has been on Netflix since May 25. The streaming service has also appointed him “Chief Action Officer”.

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