Friendship: Schwarzenegger wishes “legend” Eastwood a happy birthday

Friendship: Schwarzenegger wishes “legend” Eastwood a happy birthday

Oscar winner Clint Eastwood celebrates his 93rd birthday. Congratulations also come from Arnold Schwarzenegger. He praises his “mentor” in the highest tones.

Arnold Schwarzenegger (75) congratulated Oscar winner Clint Eastwood (“Million Dollar Baby”) on his 93rd birthday. “Happy Birthday Clint! You inspired me, you have been my mentor and you are a wonderful friend,” wrote the “Terminator” star on Instagram on Wednesday (local time). At 93, Eastwood is proof that heroes don’t retire – “they reload.” “You are a legend,” wrote Schwarzenegger.

In addition, the native Austrian posted an earlier photo showing the two on a snow-covered ski slope. They stand on skis, wear ski goggles and ski suits. Schwarzenegger previously showed this photo in December 2019 with the funny note: “Call me a more iconic duo. I’ll wait.”

The two have been friends for many years. Schwarzenegger has called his older colleague “a great idol” in the past. Eastwood recently announced plans for his 40th directorial. The Hollywood veteran plans to shoot courtroom thriller “Juror No. 2” this summer. Schwarzenegger can currently be seen in the Netflix series “FUBAR” in his first series leading role as a powerful CIA agent.

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