Actor: Elliot Page on mother: “Didn’t want me to be queer”

Actor: Elliot Page on mother: “Didn’t want me to be queer”

Actor Elliot Page’s mother initially found it difficult to deal with her son’s trans coming out. But today she sees how much happier he is: “She just needed time.”

Hollywood star Elliot Page (36) now has a good relationship with his parents, at least with his mother. “She’s a great ally to me today,” Page (“The Umbrella Academy”) said in an interview with “Spiegel”. “She just didn’t know any better before, meant well by me. She always thought: If you adapt, everything will be fine. That’s how she grew up. And if you’re always told that, you believe it.” Now his mother can see how much happier he is and how comfortable he feels in his body. It’s a relief for her too.

Canadian Page announced his trans coming out on social media in early December 2020. In 2014, Page initially came out as a lesbian. Page became famous with the film “Juno”. The film earned him a nomination for Best Actress at the 2008 Academy Awards.

Page, who is releasing the autobiography “Pageboy” these days (6.6.), told the “Spiegel”: “She didn’t want me to be queer. And even when she said that she was okay with that, I could still tell her Feel disappointment and sadness. It just took time. But what that shows is that people can change.”

In the autobiography, Page describes a situation at a party where a Hollywood star said: “I’ll fuck you really hard, then you’ll see that you really like men.” Page told the “Spiegel”: “But I decided against naming the Hollywood star. Because then it would only have been a matter of pointing the finger at a single person. For me, the question is more of what we can learn from such behavior.” When he mentions the name, everything revolves around that person.

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