Casting show: “Germany’s next top model”: Ida and Anna-Maria are out

Casting show: “Germany’s next top model”: Ida and Anna-Maria are out

In the quarterfinals, the model candidates were photographed for a magazine cover and danced with drag queens in glittering costumes. Two candidates could not convince and had to go.

Two candidates did not make it into the semifinals of “Germany’s Next Top Model”: Heidi Klum threw Ida (23) and Anna-Maria (24) out of the ProSieben casting show. Neither of them could convince at the cover shoot for the German edition of the fashion magazine “Harper’s Bazaar” or at a drag show.

They gave their all: Ida from Cologne cried at the photo shoot because the wind was blowing so hard in her eyes, and Anna-Maria from Bochum had to be told by Klum that she should please think of her fiancé to finally take nice pictures to produce.

The demands on the models were particularly absurd in this episode. For example, they should “pose sexy” for the magazine cover – but without being conventionally sexy or posing too much. In Klum’s eyes, 23-year-old Vivien with a “killer look”, 21-year-old Somajia with an impressive swing of her hair and 18-year-old Selma did it. The latter because it is simply “super photogenic”.

The participants in the beauty contest had a lot of fun with another task: they danced in a show with professional drag queens and radiated joie de vivre on stage in elaborate glitter and feather costumes. So it didn’t matter at all that Somajia, who likes to dance in her free time, pretty much forgot the entire choreography. Her conclusion afterwards: “Who cares, I can model.” She can then prove that in the semi-finals next week.

Source: Stern

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