Danny DeVito and Ex-Wife: First-Time Grandparents

Danny DeVito and Ex-Wife: First-Time Grandparents

Hollywood star Danny DeVito has become a grandfather. His ex-wife Rhea Perlmann revealed that the first grandchild is a girl.

Actor Danny DeVito (78) and his ex-wife Rhea Perlman (75) have become grandparents for the first time. As the actress revealed in a podcast, the granddaughter was born a few weeks ago.

The granddaughter’s name is Sinclair Lucille

Perlman revealed the baby news on the podcast (62). When asked what was the best thing about her age, she said: “That my children are grown and one of them has a grandchild”. Perlman has a son and two daughters with DeVito. She did not reveal which child had offspring. It appears to be one of their daughters, as she said, “They kept the last name DeVito, even though she’s married and her husband’s name isn’t DeVito, but that’s what they chose.” The little girl’s name is Sinclair Lucille DeVito. She was born seven weeks ago.

She wants to be called “Granny Rhee Rhee”.

That she is now a grandmother is “incredible”. The actress said, “Everyone has said that having a grandchild will change your life, and it does.” She feels a deep feeling of love, as she felt when her three children were born. She is now looking forward to being able to spend a lot of time with her granddaughter. “We live pretty close. I live in east LA and so does she, so it’s an easy 10-minute drive.” But she doesn’t want to get too involved in the upbringing of the little ones. Her motto is: “Be there for them in every situation they need you. But don’t overwhelm them.” But she already has a clear idea of ​​what her granddaughter should call her: “Grandma Rhee Rhee” or just “Rhee Rhee”.

Perlman and DeVito married in 1982 after nine years of dating and have long been considered Hollywood’s power couple. However, in October 2012, the couple separated after 30 years of marriage. In March 2013 there was a reconciliation, but the marriage finally broke up four years later. They have children together, Jacob (34), Grace (37) and Lucy (39).

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