Who is Sabrina Carpenter? The artist who will accompany Taylor Swift in Argentina

Who is Sabrina Carpenter? The artist who will accompany Taylor Swift in Argentina

This Friday, after months of waiting, Taylor Swift confirmed that she will travel to Argentina for the first time as part of his tour with his successful show The Eras Tour. But this was not the only news that the fans of the American artist received today since they also announced that she will be accompanied by another renowned singer.

It is nothing more nor less than Sabrina Carpenter, the young 24-year-old star who has admired Taylor Swift and on this occasion You will be able to fulfill your dream of being the opening act for your idol in the concerts throughout Latin America that will take place between August and November of this year in Mexico, Brazil and Argentina..

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In 2010, he had expressed on his Twitter account the emotion he had felt after attending a concert by the Anti-Hero singer for the first time: “The Taylor Swift concert was incredible, I had so much fun that I can’t wait to have a world tour one day like hers. lol with 2 sold out shows!!”.

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Who is Sabrina Carpenter, the opening act for Taylor Swift

Carpenter took his first steps on television in 2011 in the renowned series law and order but a few years ago he dedicated himself fully to music. In 2014 he released his first single in 2014 called Silver Nights and since then he has not stopped growing as a singer.

After publishing different songs as part of the series of Disney Chanel Riley’s Worldin 2015 he released his first album eyes wide opena youthful collection of songs that fuse elements of pop and folk, addressing themes such as love and the importance of enjoying life.

Sabrina Carpenter – Vicious (Live from Summer of Galaxy)

His second release came in 2016 with EVOLution and just in 2018 and 2019 Singular Act I and Singular Act II arrived, their third and fourth album respectively.

However, in 2020 had a great rise to fame after being involved in a media love triangle with Olivia Rodrigo and Joshua Bassetthis partner between 2020 and 2021. The controversy arose after Rodrigo published his successful album SOUR where in most of the songs he targets Basset, her ex-boyfriend, and Carpenter.

months later, Carpenter responded to the accusations in the song Skin. “You’re saying things by how you see them, as if the truth is what you decide. Some people will believe it, and some will read between the lines. You made me the center of attention but I was there all my life. I said all my life, Do you want my heart to break? I’m happy and you hate it. And I’m not asking you to let it go but you’ve been telling your side of the story so I’ll tell mine,” the singer said in her 2021 release.

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