Andy Muschietti confirmed the Argentine references in the movie The Flash

Andy Muschietti confirmed the Argentine references in the movie The Flash

The Argentine director is in our country and confirmed the references he sought to insert into the Club Atlético Independiente film and a popular national television program.

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Next week The Flash arrives at the cinemathe superhero movie directed by Argentine Andy Muschietti and starring Ezra Miller. The filmmaker, a fan of Independent Athletic Clubhe counted the references that he sought to put in red, Richard Bochini and even a popular national television show.

It should be noted that its disclosures may be considered Spoilers for The Flash movie. The film will be released in Argentina next June 15, and Muschietti visited Argentina this week to promote its release.

andy muschietti flash independent

Interview that Andy Muschietti conducted with Club Atlético Independiente.

“Independiente’s mate that is in the It movie is also in Flashin the first 15 minutes of the film together with a thermos,” Muschietti explained in an interview with Club Atlético Independiente, where they referenced the mate with the club logo that appears in the Cursed Clown movie released in 2017. But that It was not the only “easter egg” that Red the filmmaker put in the Flash movie: “If you stay until the end, hold the credits, There’s a post-credit scene where they’re going to see the pizzeria that Barry Allen lives across the street and it’s called ‘Bochini’.”

While conducting the interview, Muschietti had a meeting with Ricardo Bochini himselfwho posed next to the iconic ring of the DC superhero.

On his press tour of our country to promote the Hollywood film Muschietti and his sister, Barbara, producer of the filmthey went through the Argentinian Comic-Con where they gave an extensive talk. In that meeting, as revealed by the specialized journalist Ana Manson, Andy said that he could not put “Juan Carlos Batman”the well-known character of Alfredo Casero in Cha Cha Cha. “Juan Carlos Batman exists in the DC multiverse,” said the director.


The movie is inspired by the comic book arc flash point 2011. Barry Allen/The Flash (Miller) uses the Speed ​​Force to travel back in time to prevent his mother from dying. In doing so, he creates a reality in which General Zod (michael shannon come back from man of steel) invades Earth and there are no superheroes to oppose him.

michael keatonthe Batman of the film era of Tim Burton, plays the Dark Knight in this new reality. Barry must break him out of his retreat and save a captive Kryptonian (Supergirl from sasha street) to fix things.

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