MA 2412 retirees are returning: new “Weber & Breitfuss” episodes planned

MA 2412 retirees are returning: new “Weber & Breitfuss” episodes planned
Last year, Roland Düringer and Alfred Dorfer made their long-awaited comeback on ORF.
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After the return double, two more episodes with the titles “In der Politik” and “Im Wald” will be shot in Vienna and the surrounding area, as the ORF announced on Sunday. The encore to the “Weber & Breitfuss” encore is scheduled to be broadcast in 2024.

Too bad for retirement

The comeback in December brought Dorfer and Düringer high ratings towards the one million mark on ORF 1. Accordingly, for ORF program director Stefanie Groiss-Horowitz it would have been “simply too bad” to “leave the two cult figures in retirement”. The screenplay for the continuation of the “MA 2412” series, which was actually discontinued in 2002, comes again from Dorfer and Düringer. Director Peter Payer is trying his hand at the material for the first time. According to ORF, the 45-minute programs will be filmed until the end of June. Other roles include Monica Weinzettl, Nina Proll and Andrea Händler.

In politics and in the forest

In “In der Politik” Weber and Breitfuss have to search for an act that could thwart the political ambitions of the environmental councilor of the city government, embodied by Hary Prinz. “Im Wald” leads Weber, who is on a mountain bike tour, and Breitfuss, a mushroom seeker, via detours to a hut in the forest, where they seek shelter from darkness and storms.

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